Death reportedly smacked in face with flying street sign in Florida

Oct 10th 2018

Creator: Douglas R. Clifford  |  Credit: AP Copyright: Tampa Bay Times

Original photo by Douglas R. Clifford/The Tampa Bay Times via the Associated Press

As Hurricane Michael continued to devastate the Florida Panhandle and parts of southwestern Georgia on Wednesday evening, reports emerged that the Grim Reaper himself may have suffered injury during the storm.

Whilst preparing to harvest the unfortunate souls of several storm hunters out in the swift-moving then-Category 4 hurricane, Death appeared to miscalculate the impact of the 155 mph winds. Hurricane Michael’s strong winds downed trees and power lines as it left a wake of wooden and metallic debris, while also bringing up to a foot of rain and up to 14 feet of storm surge, according to the Associated Press.

The Grim Reaper, while wading into the accumulated floodwaters and attempting to carry out his job duties, was struck in his skeletal face by a stop sign that had come loose during an earlier wind gust, several eyewitnesses later reported. Death appeared momentarily stunned by the impact, and then reportedly turned around and headed for higher ground, no doubt to the relief of the very souls he had come to collect.

Based on barometric pressure (919 mb), Hurricane Michael is the third-strongest hurricane to hit the continental US, after the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 (892) and Camille in 1969 (900), according to data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Based on wind speed (155 mph), it is the forth-strongest, after the Labor Day Hurricane (184), Camille (173) and Andrew in 1992 (167).

The storm entered the state of Georgia as a Category 3 hurricane and was expected to continue moving north-northeast.

There was no information available on whether or not Death’s Pale Horse was also injured in the incident.